Strange Cars for the Grim Reaper

You always find the strangest cars which are related to the Reaper in the entertainment industry. Frequently they’re old cars, rare cars and, sometimes, sports cars that the general population cannot afford. So what are some examples that could fit the profile of a Reaper?

The Talbot Lago has so many smooth sides that it looks like the type of car that could just glide through the streets. Individuals will create a path on the street just to allow this car pass by. With such a lengthy front, who would not mistake this car for something that belongs to a strange thing?

The body of the car looks like it is formed to pass through any condition. With a shark fin on the rear of the car it truly does seem like the mean machine the Reaper would want to drive. Vintage cars always get chosen for the strangest of tasks.

It is strange to think that this particular car is from this era. The first styles of this popular Morgans were from the Post War era. It’s called a sports car in some regions because of the power it has. Now a collectors’ car using a rich vibe to it, it can definitely pass off as the car of the Reaper.

This might be a modern, high status car but it can make for a great version of transportation for the strange Halloween figure. Make this a black car with silver trimmings and you have an idea for what the Reaper may drive.

To decorate any of these cars to create a sophisticated character you could use trimmings along the edges and the tyres ought to be silver for a tiny glimmer on the roads. The body of the car should be black. Matte black is also a good choice as it gives the impression of elegance and wealth. The wheels should have many spokes to provide a noticeable impact in order that a person knows when the Reaper approaches.

In the entertainment and costume world, these cars could complete the whole profile of the Reaper personality and it could give him a distinctive character. Although, they might appear old and worthy of being stored in a collection garage, they could certainly rock the streets on the night of a Halloween party.

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